Matěj Karásek Posts

A startup company developing flapping-wing robots for applications within the entertainment industry, such as drone shows during concerts, festivals or within theme parks. The drones, based on the DelFly Nimble concept, are designed for high reliability, robustness, ease of service, as well as for emotions.

Development of a highly agile and programmable insect-inspired flying robot. The DelFly Nimble is controlled through adjustments of the motion of its four wings. It can hover or fly in any direction: forward, backward, up, down, or sideways. The robot, featured on the cover of the Science magazine, can be used for insect flight research. 

Development of insect-inspired flight control strategies, with a focus on wind gusts rejection. A collaboration with Experimental Zoology group at Wageningen UR, funded by NWO-TTW.

Flow measurements near the wings and in the wake of a free-flying flapping wing robot using PIV and PTV techniques, with an optical motion tracking system in the loop for robot’s position control. A collaboration of MAVLab and Aerodynamics group of TU Delft.

A lightweight, yet fully autonomous insect-inspired flapping wing robot controlled by an onboard autopilot computer and a stereo vision system. Its capabilities were demonstrated in a multiroom exploration task.

Development of a prototype of a novel spherical mechanism with a parallel kinematical structure and redundant actuation, developed in continuation of my MSc thesis with fellow students at Czech Technical University.