While work could be considered one of my hobbies, these activities help me stay fit, and sane 🙂

Mountain Biking

My favorite pass time activity. Bike touring is also my preferred adventure holiday, as it is a great way of exploring new places. To push my limits from time to time, I participate in endurance bikepacking races. I am a finisher of Tour Divide in 2018, Navad 1000 in 2016 and 1000 miles in 2015.


Skiing, both alpine and cross-country, are my favorite winter sports.

Swimming & Climbing

I cannot stand gym exercises. These sports are a great alternative as they are fun and keep me fit when the weather is bad, or when the nights are long in winter.


Mostly when traveling, I like to take pictures of landscapes, but also of people in their “natural” environment. But this hobby comes handy also when documenting my work.