Development of a prototype of a novel spherical mechanism with a parallel kinematical structure and redundant actuation, developed in continuation of my MSc thesis with fellow students at Czech Technical University.

Spherical mechanism HexaSphere was developed as an alternative to traditional Cardan hinge. As an over-actuated mechanism with parallel kinematical structure, it has a large singularity-free workspace (±100°) with potentially high stiffness, accuracy, and fast dynamics. The following videos present the mechanism prototype and its achievable workspace as well as demonstration applications:

For more details, visit the HexaSphere project website.

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    abstract = {{\textless}p{\textgreater} The paper deals with the description of a new concept for a spherical mechanism for agile telescopes. It is based on redundantly actuated parallel kinematical structure. Due to the three times overactuated structure and application of several further innovative concepts, the Hexasphere achieves the movability of {\textless}math{\textgreater} {\textless}mo{\textgreater}±{\textless}/mo{\textgreater} {\textless}/math{\textgreater} 100 degrees. This enables the use of a Hexasphere as the basis for mounts of telescopes. Such telescopes can be optimized for minimum weight or for maximum dynamics. The proposed mechanism is expected to play a role in novel robotic telescopes nowadays used in many fields of astronomy and astrophysics, with emphasis on automated systems for alert observations of celestial gamma-ray bursts. {\textless}/p{\textgreater}},
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